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To send elementor form submissions into Google Sheets
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Why should you save leads?

Simple Process


Purchase the product – we will contact you as soon as possible. Or contact us directly.


We will send you instructions and a link to add to your form on the website.

However, if you want us to install it in your form, we will need permission to access the website; this will be an extra cost.


After installation, you will get a link to your mail with the Google Sheets spreadsheet for the leads from your website.

Forever, no updates, no maintenance.

Why Google Sheets? Why us?

As simple as that

Save your leads to the most familiar and easy-to-use software you use daily – Google Sheets.

Easy Installation

You will get the installation in less than 24 hours. So buy now, save leads tomorrow. One time installation.

For The Client

It is built for clients who do not know how to use WordPress and want to get leads into a familiar platform.

So cheap

We can guarantee we are the cheapest in the market.

This Is What You Get

An example of using the service.

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One Option One Price

We provide the service for one price for all.
$ 4
  • Get your form connected
  • Your leads into Sheets
  • Full Support 24/6

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